Meet Your Health and Wellness Coach in Los Angeles, CA

Anna Mischio

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ONE Nutrition

Anna is ONE Fitness’s first choice when it comes to nutrition because she doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. Anna was destined to take on health, nutrition, and wellness as she once struggled with chronic inflammation, food sensitivity, and poor gut health. These same struggles led her to completely prioritize her health and turn her life around a whole 180 degrees. Now with so much energy, a clear head (and skin), no longer bloating, nauseous, or with headaches, Anna is prepared to tackle your nutritional barriers as your health and wellness coach in Los Angeles, CA.

Anna is a triple-certified professional with credentials in health, wellness, and life coaching through Felix Harder’s Nutrition and Fitness Academy. She also studies the work of Dr. Steven Gundry, Ben Greenfield, and other renowned specialists. Anna is continuously expanding her knowledge and conducting thorough research in the field of health, wellness, and nutrition. Thanks to her constant effort in improving her knowledge, she helps many of her Los Angeles clients achieve goals as their dedicated nutrition expert.

Through a holistic approach and science-based research, Anna teaches her clients about eating clean and intuitively while using food as medicine. Anna also focuses on lowering inflammation and cortisol as well as healing the gut, all of which have a massive effect on overall health and wellness. Make no mistake, Anna is here to help with any and all questions, comments, or concerns regarding one of our all-time favorite activities —— EATING. With her as your health and wellness coach in Los Angeles, CA, you will feel your overall wellness improving one meal at a time.

Ready to eat your way to a healthier life? Book a session with Anna today and contact us at 818-223-7001. You may also call us with any questions you may have. If you are interested in other workout training programs we offer, simply browse through our website for more information.