ONE Runyon is the fierce lower body workout you need in your weekly routine. Get ready to fire up your glutes, your quads, hamstrings, calves and every muscle in between. Don’t be fooled though because it’s not just about the booty; ONE Runyon will also test your endurance, stamina, and that inner athlete inside of every Champion. I hope you brought the eye of the tiger, because at ONE Runyon we always go in for the kill. 

RDV point:
When you arrive at Runyon Canyon:
2000 N Fuller Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Enter the Gate, and continue in to the park.  Keep your eyes peeled for a yellow  check point on the floor. Look to your left.


ONE Nutrition

At ONE Fitness we want you to feel sexy and attain the healthy body you deserve. The ONE Nutrition individualized programs will support you on your journey to achieve your nutritional goals. These goals may include but are not limited to fat burning, weight loss, muscular gains, maintaining a healthy diet, or simply living a long and healthy life.

Food is the fuel our body requires to function properly. Our bodies receive energy from the food we eat so we can strength train, dance, play sports, or even just go on a walk. Put good in and get good out, it’s that simple. ONE Nutrition is a step in the right direction whether you want to shed those last few stubborn pounds, you just had a baby, have high cholesterol, or just need a little help breaking bad eating habits.

With ONE Nutrition you will have access to our certified nutritionists who will work closely with you to create a program that works best for you.

“ONE Body, ONE Life, ONE Fitness”

park group session

ONE Park Session

A LIVE outdoor session like no other. This experience is a ONE Fitness HIIT workout designed to target strength, balance and mobility.

one on one

ONE on ONE Session

At ONE Fitness we care about more than commitment. we care about setting life changing goals. Our focus is making fitness attainable to anyone willing to show up for themselves. Whether you’re interested in toning, shaping, stretching or/and strengthening, we have it all.

Feel free to contact ONE Fitness, to create a personalized fitness plan that works for you.

We are ONE.

park session legends

ONE Legends Park Session

This LIVE outdoor session is like no other. Crafted for the next generation, This ONE Fitness HIIT workout will develop their strength, body control and build overall self-confidence.

Feel the friendly competition between the Legends, and start now being better that you are today.

Parents and coaches are more than welcome to join the work to support and/or assess. At ONE Fitness we believe in leading by example. What better way than to show up for them, with them.

virtual group session

ONE Virtual Group Session

A full body workout built using 40 cards designed to target every area of your body: shaping, lifting, strengthening and toning your body.

  • No Equipment or Resistance bands needed.
  • 1-hour session including warm up and cool down.
  • Follow by example style training
  • (modification and challenges will be given)
virtual session

Virtual Membership

champion membership

Champion Membership

If you’ve made it this far, it means you are committed to showing up for yourself and taking your fitness to the next level. 

At ONE Fitness we aim to make fitness attainable. This is just who we are, and we want to support you in your journey.  Check out our package below:

1 Month Park Session Membership- $99 – ($180 value) 

“-UNLIMITED Park Sessions & Virtual Sessions”

“Together, we will reach your goals faster.”

“We are ONE.” 


One BuiltRX

One BuiltRX

This ONE Fitness experience is an outdoor HIIT workout like no other. Through bodyweight, resistance, and weight training ONE Fitness is designed to target strength, mobility, and power. Learn to push past your limits and show up for yourself. 

All training equipment will be provided on site

All you need is:
-Sweat towel
-A good attitude (**Mandatory)

ONE Fitness Park sessions:
Thursday’s 2:00 pm
1070 S La Brea
Los Angeles, CA 90019