Meet Your Los Angeles Resistance Trainer and Pilates Fitness Coach


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ONE Trainer

Known as the renaissance woman of fitness, Camryn knows it all! From yoga styles such as power vinyasa, Hatha fusion, and sculpt, to pilates, barre, mat, dance cardio, trampoline, distance running, resistance, and strength training, Camryn is our go-to girl. So if you’re looking for a Los Angeles-based resistance trainer, she’s the best choice.

Camryn began her fitness journey after moving to LA to pursue dance. Not long after, she began practicing yoga as well as incorporating more balanced nutrition into her life. Let’s just say Camryn 100% believes carbs are your friend! A real “wino” at heart, Camryn understands you must balance your diet and not only involve discipline, but also happiness. Especially if that happiness comes in the form of a natural Albariño! As a pilates fitness coach in Los Angeles, CA, this mentality has helped her encourage many of her clients to make great changes in their overall fitness.

After seven years of training, she still finds appreciation and joy in helping her clients push to higher levels and achieve their goals. She believes incorporating physical and mental practice together is the best way to achieve those goals and maintain them lifelong. She will be by your side to help you knock down thresholds of fear through determination and a very deep breath. Camryn can’t wait to be there by you, growing and evolving every breath of the way!

If you are interested in hiring Camryn as your pilates fitness coach or resistance trainer in Los Angeles, CA, get in touch with us today. With her guiding you through your fitness journey, you will make beneficial changes in life that you will carry even outside of your training sessions. Book a session with her today or call us at 818-223-7001 for more information on our fitness training programs.