The ONE Fitness Walkouts start standing and take a great big eagle breath. (Filling the body up with air through your nose as you lift your hands up by the side, exhale through your month as you lower your arms). With your feet hip-width apart continue your exhale into a bend of your hips, reach for the ground, and keeping your legs straight for as long as possible. Slowly shift your weight onto your hands and begin walking them forward until your body is in a straight line from your head to your heels (High Plank Position). Here you have the option of holding a tight and strong High Plank, ONE, 2, or 3 push ups. Lift your hips to downward dog first and then walk you hands back into your feet. Finally roll up to returning to standing position. Repeat until the end of set.

Tip: Keep this exercise consistent and try your best not to stop or slowdown.