Meet Your ONE Flow Coach in LA

Jamie Skye


Jamie is a professional dancer, book club host, yoga instructor and overall advocate for mental and physical wellness. An athlete from a young age active in karate, swimming, soccer and horseback riding she grew passionate for fitness and yoga. Yoga practice has significantly changed her life and now she wants to share the tools and practices you need in order to become the best version of yourself. 

Certified with 500 hours of training with The Kaivalya Yoga Method, Jamie is here to guide and educate you along your yoga journey. Increase your flexibility, build muscle through strengthening exercises, learn injury prevention and develop critical mind body awareness. Not only does yoga encompass the physical practice of asanas, Jamie will guide you through meditations, chanting, myths and mantras to calm and learn the nature of the mind. Through yoga practice she guarantees that you will discover a new found confidence, become the badass you’ve always wanted to be and slay your life on and off the mat.