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Chris McCarthy

ONE Trainer

Chris McCarthy is a professional dancer turned fitness phenomenon with a survival story for the books. During his dance career, Chris toured and performed all over the world with artists such as Celine Dion and in 2018 reached the finals of World of Dance, Jennifer Lopez’s dance competition. Chris also created a dance technique known as Embodiment. Choose him as your personal trainer in LA and learn from the best.

While at the height of his career in 2018, his life took an unexpected turn. Chris was diagnosed with Cryptococcal Meningitis, a disease that severely affected his nervous system. He battled with the disease for over a year, having to relearn how to walk and talk all over again. During recovery, Chris created a deck of cards combining physical therapy and fitness as a fun way to stay accountable. Chris is currently in his best shape ever, enough to even become a Los Angeles private trainer, and doctors are astounded at his recovery.

Certified by ISSA in personal training, specializing in stretch therapy, strength training, and nutrition, he is more than qualified to be your personal trainer in LA. Chris is grateful to share ONE Fitness, the card game that brought him back to life with everyone around him. ONE Fitness has already begun transforming many other people’s lives and is ready to take you on a journey too!


Embodiment is based on the idea that movement is fueled solely by the art of Acting. Each scene is depicted with fluidity by generating a series of clear situations using combined movements from HipHop, Contemporary, Jazz, and the like while also paying absolute respect to the musicality. Not entirely considered as a style of dance, it is aptly known as a technique to apply clarity in atmosphere and communication using basic Human impulse.


Creator of Embodiment. My Interview with Chris McCarthy

By Maor Luz

β€œChris McCarthy, a Leo, born in San Francisco on August 1st, 1989 is a true inspiration, dancer, and Creator of Embodiment.”

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