Meet Your ONE Mobility Stix​ Coach in LA



ONE Mobility Stix

Dynn’s (pronounced “Dean”) training style is all about education, practicality, and balance. Despite originally having no formal background in fitness or sports as a youth, Dynn’s tenacity in his research and self-reflection has brought him to some soaring heights in the fitness world. At his peak, he placed 3rd at the USPA Drug Tested World Championships in November 2018 to receive the bronze medal for his division.

Turning to the present, Dynn is now well versed in all types of training styles including orthodox strength & conditioning, powerlifting (obviously), kettlebell athletics, and most recently intensive mobility work. His own personal training centers around the rigors and athletic performance required for rock climbing and bouldering, but he loves the variety and challenge of working with all types of people. He is especially sympathetic and concerned with folks focusing on weight loss, injury prevention & rehabilitation, and the delicate balance between fitness and life.

Dynn is accredited through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a certified personal trainer and women’s fitness specialist (NASM-CPT-WFS). Dynn is also a certified Stick Mobility coach and Pain-Free Performance specialist. He is also a former Tier 3+ Equinox trainer